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Health Tourism in Turkey Information about SPA Thermals

Because of many thermal springs, health tourism is very popular in Turkey. We present thermal Turkey tours and also Wellness and SPA round trips in Turkey in 2021.

Health Tourism in Turkey Information about SPA Thermals
Human has considered water to be curative for centuries. Especially, the benefits of sea water and thermal springs for human health
Health Tourism in Turkey Information about SPA Thermalshave always been well known. SPA for "san us per aqua" in Latin means 'health by water" and is a kind of alternative treatment with “various aromatic oils and massages” human has not given up for 3000 years. In coastal countries with no thermal springs, the treatment via sea water which has an abundance of minerals and salt, is called Thalassotherapy

Psoriasis Treatment Kangal Fish Spring

Wide interest in the doctor fish encourages people with neurological and rheumatic diseases to visit the hot spring to immerse themselves in its pools. A school of fish surround the body and strike and lick it. The initial pleasant sensation and relaxation.
Kangal Balikli Cermik Thermal Resort : 17 km northeast of Kangal, 100km southeast of Sivas in Central Anatolia. There are regular buses from the centre of Sivas. Water temperature: 36°C pH value: 7.3.

THERMAL SPA CENTERHealth Tourism in Turkey Information about SPA Thermals
Our thermal facilities packages provide services at public and private swimming pools, therapeutic pools, massage units, mud tanks, v
apor baths, sauna and Turkish baths as well as diagnosis examinations at medical offices found in these facilities. The temperature of these hot springs varies between 20-110 degrees Celsius (68-230 Fahrenheit), and their flow is between 2-500 liters per second.

Physiotherapy aims to rehabilitate the diseases and regulate abnormal functions of motor system. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Medicine interests problems below. Neurological diseases, paralysis Orthopedic Anomalies, Shoulder diseases PHYSICAL BENEFITS OF THIS THERMAL WATER : Physical benefits of this water, which is delivered to all rooms are; Dispelling the symptoms of rheumatism sicknesses arising in the periods other than acute impulsive periods

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