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FAQ about Ephesus tours and daily excursions

Here are answers for frequently asked questions concerning Ephesus and Turkey tours, so you can get more information about tour programs, price inclusions, used vehicles and tour guides.

1- Why should I choose a private Ephesus tour?

Answer: We recommend you to visit Ephesus and the neighboring sights such as House of Virgin Mary, St. John Basilica, Temple of Artemis in a private tour, as you should be aware of the following disadvantages of the group tours:

- group tours are made with at least 25-30 people, often more like 40 - 45 persons

- you will waste your time and should be very patient, as the guests are collected from different places for the tour

- usually every group consists of people with different nationalities, speaking different languages and asking a lot of questions which may prevent the communication with the guide and make the tour slow

- Group tours are made usually with the English speaking guide. Taking a private tour, you may order English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French or Greek speaking guide.

2- What does the price of the tour include?

Answer: Our price includes services of the professional licensed tour guide, private air conditioned vehicle with the driver, all entrance fees stated in the program, delicious lunch, petrol and parking fees.

3- What means "professional licensed guide"?

Answer: Taking tour with the professional licensed guide is very important. Guides in Turkey are studying for 4 years to get the license and pass special exams in language skills. If you read 1 book about Turkey, they read a lot of them, besides consider their experience in this field.

4- What kind of vehicle will be provided?

Answer: Our agency provides you with the comfortable air conditioned vehicle such as Mercedes Vito with the driver. Please inform us if you need a special vehicle with the ramp (for wheel chairs).

5- Have I pay for anything else extra during the tour?

Answer: As it was told above, the provided prices include services of the tour guide, air conditioned vehicle with the driver, entrance and parking fees, lunch. You will spend money extra only if you would like to buy a small souvenir for your family somewhere during the tour.

6- What kind of meals are given for a lunch during the tour?

Answer: Lunch is given in the restaurants with the garden outside of the city offering open buffet, thus you can choose what to eat yourself. Please do not forget to inform us if you have ant special requirements (vegetarian food or any other requests relating your health).

7- Is there any public transport going to Ephesus?

Answer: Yes, there are minibuses called dolmush going to Ephesus. As a matter of fact they will drop you off at the main road and then you will have to walk about 15 minutes; after visiting Ephesus you will exit the city at the upper gate of Ephesus, where you can take only a taxi to your hotel or at least till the dolmus station. We do not recommend you to use the public transport if you are short of time.

8-Is it possible to take a taxi till Ephesus?

Answer: Of course. There are taxi station practically at every corner in Kusadasi. Remember that the taxi fees till Ephesus will costs to you as well as the tour with the agency. Besides you will have to pay extra for entrance fees to the sights, for lunch, and of course you will have to walk on your own without any tour guide!

9- Is it possible to do some shopping after the tour?

Answer: If you have more free time and would like to do some shopping, feel free to discuss it with your tour guide, as Turkey is known with its carpets, ceramics, leather and textile. The guide can bring you to some of the shopping centers recommended by our agency where you surely will get high quality, best service and price. If you will not find something you are looking for, you can make an order and we can also arrange the delivery of the bought item to you.
If you do not want to make any shopping, just tell your tour guide about it and he/she will bring you back to your hotel/port when the tour is over

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